2017 New England AYC Cheerleading Championships (11/18)

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Online Access ONLY (Session 1) [+$35.00]
Online Access ONLY (Session 2) [+$35.00]
Online Access ONLY (Session 3) [+$35.00]
Flash Drive + Online Access (Session 1) [+$40.00]
Flash Drive + Online Access (Session 2) [+$40.00]
Flash Drive + Online Access (Session 3) [+$40.00]
Awards Session #1 [+$10.00]
Awards Session #2 [+$10.00]
Awards Session #3 [+$10.00]
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Order your 2017 New England AYC Championships video from Varsity Media. This year’s events take place on November 18. You will receive an HD copy of your team’s performance along with online access of every performance from your session. Your oder DOES NOT INCLUDE Live Streaming of the event. Live Streaming can be purchased at www.varsitymedialive.com.

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